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Anaïs Jarnoux

Recherche et développement sur la mise en forme d’un bio-matériau en algue

Recherche et développement sur la mise en forme d’un bio-matériau en algue

This project began after meeting designer Samuel Tomatis during our residency at Les Ateliers de Paris. Samuel was working on the creation of new flexible materials made entirely of algae. Collaborating was obvious. He wanted to democratize this material, which necessarily required technical validation through traditional craftsmanship like mine. This project translates into the production of a series of experiments and assemblies in order to adapt upholstery, leatherworking, and saddlery techniques to Samuel Tomatis' materials to project towards applications ranging from luxury leather goods to furniture and industrial packaging.

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Anaïs Jarnoux

Lauréate de la récompense Dialogues du Prix Liliane Bettencourt pour l'Intelligence de la Main® 2022

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New tools and techniques specific to algae materials had to be developed. We discovered unique properties of algae that we couldn't have suspected. Assembly with water is more efficient than any glue. Algae, through their color, opalescence, surface state, and texture, offer an infinite aesthetic palette. The scraps can finally be kept, either to be melted again and recreate materials, or to be returned to nature where they will serve as fertilizer or food for insects. This project is fully part of a radical ecological approach. Everything is reusable, entirely biodegradable, and ultimately returns to the earth. This project highlights prospective scenarios that allow us to move away from mass production and integrate the ephemeral into our consumption. It tends towards a paradigm shift where solutions are drawn to reduce the impact of our anthropogenic waste.

Manufacturing process

Manufacturing :
Quilting, Rope insertion (creating a pattern or structure in the material Aluminium rod insertion), Piping assembly, Hot pleating, Die-cutting, Gallooning, Slitting the material, Embossing.
- Assembly technique :
Sewing machine: topstitching, saddle stitch, zip, velcro
Hand: saddle stitching, flat stitching, laced stitching, die-cut hole for hand stitching
Metal part: rivet, press stud, eyelet, magnetic button Hinge: flexible material with aluminium pin insert
Water assembly of material strips
- Sheathing :
On stitched cardboard On wood
- Printing :
Screen printing Rizography Moulding
- Use of digital tools :
Laser cutting Laser engraving Digital embroidery
- Gluing :
Vinyl glue, Neoprene: inconclusive test



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