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Felipe Ribon



On a stone base, three slots are carved, where three glass blades are inserted: in the center, a double-sided mirror and on either side, two dichroic glasses that filter light rays and generate, on each side, a stereoscopic image. The plates are declined in simple geometric shapes whose different combinations give life to a series of totemic entities capable of capturing a parcel of reality at the same time as its reverse.

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Felipe Ribon

Lauréat de la récompense Dialogues du Prix Liliane Bettencourt pour l'Intelligence de la Main® 2015

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As defined by Freud in 1919, "the strange familiarity" or Unheimlich refers to the sensation we experience when subtle changes shift our perception of reality, breaking the reassuring rationality of our everyday lives.


600, 300, 150 mm


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