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Noir Vif

Théière t-time

Théière t-time

t-time is a solid silver teapot born from the encounter between the Noir vif studio and silversmith Nicolas Marischael. The design plays with words and typography, exploiting the shape of the italicized "t" to propose a formally assertive and perfectly functional object. Nicolas Marischael has made it a realization that pushes the limits of goldsmithing know-how. t-time can be manipulated without a handle by grasping the object by the body, which is made possible by its isothermal character.

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Noir Vif

Lauréats de la récompense Dialogues du Prix Liliane Bettencourt pour l'Intelligence de la Main® 2019

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With t-time, the dialogue between the designers and the artisan brings forth a unique and innovative object. Nicolas Marischael's top-level traditional know-how is combined with the unexpected use of a double-walled silver-coated glass isothermal bulb in goldsmithing. This device allows the teapot to be picked up directly by the body without burning oneself. The bulb is removable thanks to a screw system, itself designed specifically in solid silver. This system requires extremely precise manufacturing, particularly during the welding stages. t-time plays with humor and elegance on the "t" and on the "tea" to propose an extraordinary object with an evocative name. The object's asymmetrical design and subtly curved surfaces reveal an object whose formal simplicity is only apparent. The offbeat character and unexpected shapes of this teapot do not detract from its functional character.

Manufacturing process

Shaping with hammer and pin, silver soldering, polishing

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