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Xavier Le Normand



Monumental work by the artist, Yggdrasil is a giant necklace, with a circumference of fourteen meters, composed of one hundred and eight cut glass beads, and a one hundred and ninth called Guru "the abode of the Gods", stands between Heaven and Earth. The tree of life, whose branches pierce the heavens, struggles between life and death, between creative forces and destructive forces. It shelters in its branches the consciousness of infinity. A supple verticality that never ceases to remind us of the need for constancy. Absolving oneself of the notion of beginning and end, in its purest form, each glass bead expresses the mantra.

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Xavier Le Normand

Lauréat de la récompense Talents d’Exception du Prix Liliane Bettencourt pour l'Intelligence de la Main® 2009

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With his hand animated by spirit, Xavier le Normand materializes the fragile consciousness of a story through form. Creation requires the sacred, for man is not divine. Capable of describing, the artist expresses his perspective, seeking the inexplicable, like a ferryman, able to transcend us through matter. Leaving a trace in the fragility of the world is a process that is not modern. What moves us remains, and no world truly disappears. Xavier le Normand anchors his work in the consciousness of what precedes us. Allowing us to dream, decipher forgotten languages, express the order of the world, question the immutable, and return to the mythical beings that make up our collective memory.

Manufacturing process

Blown glass overlay.
Cut glass.


14 mètres

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