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Yeun-Kyung Kim

Être rivière

Être rivière

"Être rivière" is a work created with laminated glass, which is sometimes as calm as the horizon and evokes the idea of a river with its aligned bins. However, the form is sectioned and frozen, suggesting fragmentation. This is a mental image of a river that one appropriates and that becomes fragmented. The glass, worked here by lamination, is fragile and allows light to pass through with subtle effects.

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Yeun-Kyung Kim

Lauréate de la récompense Talents d’exception du Prix Liliane Bettencourt pour l'Intelligence de la Main® 2001

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Sometimes it is as calm as the horizon, in an infinite renewal that is unique, that is my interest. To embrace the contours instead of dominating them! Before - during - after, to invest a space, to belong to it for the time of an instant, to a space, through the matrix, I materialized it, I placed it on the form, somewhere, in the form, in this space to which I belong, for the time of a transient space springs from a single and constant source, at the very edge of form and formlessness, between "there is" and "there is not," through minute transformations, I belong to the one who collects me!

Manufacturing process

8 pieces of window glass


25 x 450 x 55 cm

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