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Yeun-Kyung Kim

Serre volante

Serre volante

Her intentions in this exhibition project is to create a meeting through a common place.

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Yeun-Kyung Kim

Lauréate de la récompense Talents d’exception du Prix Liliane Bettencourt pour l'Intelligence de la Main® 2001

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The house can be likened to a symbol of the inner self whose refuge is the center. The use of a kite in Korea is a popular tradition, and its use may evoke the attempt to bring one's desire and dreams as high as possible. In neighboring countries, to optimize one's chances of success, a whistle is used for protection and to disperse the spirits of fate. The crystallization of the shadow of the greenhouse tends to evoke the idea of travel and departure towards a claimed desire where the chances of realization are linked to the whim of the wind.

Manufacturing process

Glass paste with black crystal


420 x 330 x 2 cm

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