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Felipe Ribon



Eye is a sorcerer's mirror with apotropaic functions offering a vision towards other dimensions of reality. Its almond-shaped ceramic frame is pierced with an oculus in which a convex mirror is set. The transverse axis separates the shell into two enamel-plated areas of different colors.

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Felipe Ribon

Lauréat de la récompense Dialogues du Prix Liliane Bettencourt pour l'Intelligence de la Main® 2015

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The representation of the benevolent eye is an amulet that serves to ward off its polar opposite: the evil eye. Thus, in Ancient Egypt, the udjat eye had functions related to the vision of the invisible, and in the Greek world, the ophtalmoi guided and protected ships. Today, the Nazar boncuk - widely used in Turkey, Iran and Armenia - protects against the "assassin look."


260 X 150 X 30 mm


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