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Grégoire Scalabre

L’Ultime Métamorphose de Thétis

L’Ultime Métamorphose de Thétis

Grégoire Scalabre is attached to the pot and the gestures that bring it to life. Yet he has never stopped desiring sculpture, not the kind where the gesture fades in favor of the idea, but rather the kind that reveals it in its splendor, in its intelligence, and here in its quest for the monumental. Because Thetis is not a simple populated form. It is a protean sculpture and reveals itself in the space that is inseparable from it.

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Grégoire Scalabre

Lauréat de la récompense Talents d’exception du Prix Liliane Bettencourt pour l’Intelligence de la Main® 2022

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Its surface is a slow jerk, an asynchronous rhythm, a complexity that requires us to take a step towards it, and then another step. From the precise moment when the distance that separates us from Thetis reveals its intimate structure, we are assailed by a mixed crowd of unique-shaped amphoras. Time is now abolished. Isn't the pot a marker? It accompanies history, sometimes makes it. The pot is the sum of uses and, extrapolating, of existences. It is also the sum of the time of the women and men who deposited their food, then their offerings in it.

Manufacturing process

Grégoire Scalabre uses a traditional technique to turn each porcelain miniature individually. It is known as "motte" turning. It provides
precision when turning small pieces, and allows a seamless sequence of movements and shaping. From one piece to the next, the gestures follow each other like a thread and the pieces
from the artist's hands in series


2 m high, 1.60 m in diameter, and weighing 450 kg.

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