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Grégoire Scalabre

Soâne, 2019

Soâne, 2019

Using the technical expertise acquired over years of pottery work, the ceramist assembles 9,000 turned and enamelled porcelain vases in Sôane, each no taller than five centimeters.

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Grégoire Scalabre

Lauréat de la récompense Talents d’exception du Prix Liliane Bettencourt pour l’Intelligence de la Main® 2022

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Sôane is the memory of a galley from the East India Company that shipwrecked in the 18th century. Porcelain was then an extremely prized luxury. Grégoire Scalabre here delves into the history of porcelain that stirs passions, and these small forms are designed as a miraculous marine aggregate that has been rescued not only from the depths but also from time.


101,6 x 101,6 x 40,6 cm

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