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Véronique Ellena

Le vitrail du millénaire

Le vitrail du millénaire

Véronique Ellena created the Millennial Stained Glass in 2015 for the Strasbourg Cathedral. Composed of two bays, each 1.5m wide by 7m high, this stained glass combines traditional technique (antique glass, enamel) and advanced technique (photographs reproduced on glass). The colors and depth were enhanced by the expertise of master glassmaker Pierre-Alain Parrot.

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Véronique Ellena

Lauréate de la récompense Dialogues du Prix Liliane Bettencourt pour l'Intelligence de la Main® 2016

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In the first bay, several hundred photographs are arranged in a mosaic and composed like a landscape in a Renaissance painting that evokes the beauty and diversity of the terrestrial natural world. In the second bay, we discover a monumental reproduction of the benevolent face of Christ blessing by Memling. Hundreds of portraits of today's community of women and men, photographed in the Strasbourg Cathedral, are inserted into this face. These photographic compositions were created with the help of graphic designer Zabou Carriére. The spirit of the project is to represent an idea of the sacred and beauty today, to bring well-being and wonder, all through a work of art. It is also about conveying ideas of kindness and benevolence. The project starts from the singular to reach the universal and is addressed to everyone. It carries the message that all those who inhabit the earth are part of a whole.

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Photographic and traditional stained glass


1m50 x 7m (chaque vitrail)

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