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Marie-Hélène Guelton

Kimono - Brume de pluie, Kirishigure

Kimono - Brume de pluie, Kirishigure

This kimono was created through a series of experiments carried out beforehand on different silk taffetas and then on this airy and transparent silk and pineapple fiber fabric woven in the Philippines by the Parsi company (based in Lyon). The material, both light and stiff due to the pineapple fiber weft, allows for fairly pronounced folds and lets the dye diffuse, obtaining shades of gray from a single color. Its title "Kirishigure" was given by Shukuko Voss-Tabe, president of the "Amitiés tissées" association, Paris. It is inspired by a haiku from the travel journal Nozarashi Kikô, by the famous poet Bashô: "The day Mount Fuji is made invisible by rain mist is also delicious".

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Marie-Hélène Guelton

Lauréate du Prix Liliane Bettencourt pour l'Intelligence de la Main® 2008

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Manufacturing process

Personal resist dyeing technique derived from arashi shibori. To create the resist, each of the strips of fabric that make up the kimono is folded lengthways and more randomly in the other direction, before being rolled up on a tube, tied and dyed grey-blue.


H 150 cm x l 120 cm

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