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Atelier Lucile Viaud

Grand cive en Verre de la Charente

Grand cive en Verre de la Charente

Cives* are circular shapes emblematic of the history of glass, originally used in the design of stained glass. The symbolism of the disc, omnipresent in the work of the Atelier, is found again through this collection as fragments of stained glass dedicated to the house. Like solar frames, they allow us to appreciate over the days each of the lights of the 4 seasons.

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Atelier Lucile Viaud

Lauréate de la récompense Dialogues du Prix Liliane Bettencourt pour l'Intelligence de la Main® 2023

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From the gravelle, co-product from the distillation of Cognac, to the sediments of the Charente from the deinstallation operation initiated by the department, the Glass of the Charente transports you from Cognac to Saint-Savinien by the river. Similar to the Obsidian, this glass created in 2023 sports a deep and opaque black reminiscent of the iconic Torula (Torula compiniascensis). Particularly visible in Cognac, this mushroom of intense black develops on the walls of the city thanks to the share of angels and emanations of Cognac.

Manufacturing process

The cives are blown on the fly by the Silicybine workshop with the blowing technique in crown. Each cive deforms slightly after blowing according to the character of the glass used: by veiling itself slightly, each cive becomes unique and naturally takes its movement when presented in suspension.


32 cm

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