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Marie-Hélène Guelton

Veste-kimono, haori - Irisé

Veste-kimono, haori - Irisé

This haori jacket is made of fabrics dyed using the arashi shibori resist-dyeing technique. The square silk fabric is wrapped around two serrated tubes, then tied and dyed with a single gray dye. It is then used either on the right side or the wrong side, which gives a more or less iridescent appearance to the material, whose pleating is inherent to the technique. These effects of shadow and light, with a slight relief, appear in the assembly of the garment.

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Marie-Hélène Guelton

Lauréate du Prix Liliane Bettencourt pour l'Intelligence de la Main® 2008

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Manufacturing process

Personal reserve dyeing technique, derived from arashi shibori, using winding on crenellated tubes.


H. 90 cm x l. 120 cm

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